Reviews for Arson:

"They found something they needed in each other and Vega did a superb job developing their relationship. Told in third person, this book gives deep insight into not only Arson and Emery but Arson's grandmother as well as both of Emery's parents." -- A Good Addiction, 5 Stars

"The characters were developed so well and were extremely realistic. One thing that I really enjoyed was that the characters were relateable." -- Flipping Pages for All Ages, 5 Stars

"Arson was such a heartbreaking and emotional read. Estevan's way with words blew me away." -- La Femme Readers, 4.5 Stars

"Arson is a beautifully written, coming of age tale about the hardship of life and relationships with a paranormal twist. It literally stunned me." -- Sophistikatied Reviews, 4.5 Stars

"Arson is unforgiving and grimly honest. The characters' lives are sick and twisted, yet Vega relays this without pity or remorse. His courage is admirable." -- Reading Rocks, Grade A

"The story is unique and compelling. Arson is told from a 3rd person narrative but Vega's direction and character shift is easy to follow." -- The Book Vixen, 5 Stars 

"During the whole book you just keep saying to yourself "Man this kid's life sucks." " -- The Moody Teenager 

"There's beauty to be found here, the breath taking love story between Arson and Emerson, the amazing way that Vega draws us into the world of each of these characters by his use of words." --Book Crazy, 4 Stars
"A thrilling ride, that has some realistic look at life." -- Monster of Books, 3 Stars

"ARSON is not an easy or quick read; it's a compelling character study about the forgotten. Vega's writing is sparse and gritty." -- ReaderGirls, 4 Stars

"Arson is unlike any book I have read and if you don't mind a little creepiness I recommend reading it." -- Katie's Book Blog, A-

"Arson is a story that deals with many issues that young adults face: peer pressure, uncertainty, family conflict and insecurity.  In addition to being a story that is all-consuming and incredibly human, Arson does have elements of suspense and psychological terror." -- Cafe of Dreams, 4 Stars

" Vega’s use of deftly descriptive language vividly paints each scene so that you can almost smell the atmosphere in the comfort of your favorite reading nook." -- Christian Manifesto

"ARSON is dark and sinister and a bit weird. There's no question that Estevan's writing is beautiful and flowing and the imagery is amazing." -- Yay Reads, 4.2 stars

"Arson, the third book by teenage author Estevan Vega reads like burnt skin. At first it jumps off the page and then it slowly starts to fade and sting." -- TitleTrakk

"The content of Arson may be dark, but the skill that the ultra-talented Estevan Vega delivers it with allowed me to see past that darkness into the lives of these incredible characters that now have a place in my heart." -- Extreme Reader Book Reviews, 5 Stars

"This book can and should be a hit...Estevan [Vega] did a superb job at writing an exciting book...For those of you just being introduced to this author, I strongly recommend him." -- The NY Book Journal, 4 stars

"Vega does not do things half way: even the characters who utter only one line of dialog have distinct personalities." -- Mrs. Magoo Reads, Grade A-

"It had a real plot. Real issues were here, especially surrounding the adults. Excellent character development." -- Only Sexy Books Allowed, 5 stars

"Arson was edgy and has an insane cliff hanger ending. Good luck not dropping your jaw in shock- he sets you up perfectly for the sequel." -- Rex Robot Reviews, 3.5 stars